General Information

Besides  research and services, education is one of the key activities of all faculties of medicine and/or higher allied health schools. The educational awareness has increased over the past decade and pedagogical research and development of higher education have achieved remarkable improvements.

Why a MME?

The profound increase of knowledge in the fields of medical and natural sciences, in combination with student’s demands for didactically educated teachers, has lead to reformation and reorganization of medical education institutions in Europe, and thus also Switzerland. Not only professional, but also educational competence is warranted, in order to compete successfully and to provide effective and efficient use of resources in services, research as well as education. This process is accompanied by the implementation of novel didactical and methodical tools to ensure knowledge transfer. However, many institutions do not have sufficient qualified personnel to implement these reforms.

The aims of the MME program are several fold:

  • to guide health professions educators in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver and promote high-quality education
  • to foster educational innovation in the field of medical studies
  • to increase the quality of medical education
  • to promote research on medical education
  • to increase the chances of health professionals to pursue an academic carrier based on both, medical qualifications and didactical competence

International experts in medical education and medical education research guide the MME courses and take responsibility for quality education. The curriculum is built up in cooperation with other Universities of Switzerland, Europe, USA and Canada.

The experts are elected by the program director. Both, experts together with the program director decide on the course issues. The experts are:

University of Bern | Master of Medical Education MME | IML | Buehlstrasse 26 | CH-3012 Bern | +41 (0)31 631 41 19